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Many car fans around the world use “MC-995 Nano instant shining spray) instead of having their cars polished by machine.  It has become the car care products for the new generation which is easier, cheaper, faster, prettier with oil-free comparing with the traditional car polish.  It generates a crystal net to cover the coating and it takes only 5 minutes for spraying and rinsing after you wash the car.  During the rising process, the liquid will extending as the net to fit the invisible gaps and form the protection seamlessly while reaching the water.  In the end, use a soft cloth to dry the car and you will immediately see the shining and smooth surface with the impressive hydrophobic effect that even the dust won’t attach easily.


***** 5 Strengths of the product

1)      It only takes another 5 minutes after you wash the car
Normally, it takes around 1~2 hours for the car polish and the massive swirls appear for using the machine for a long time.  It damaged the coating seriously and turned dull after a long period.  It usually takes a vast expense to repair with a complete car care process.  The Nano instant shining spray is oil-free which won’t attach dust easily and easy to achieve.  It takes only another 5 minutes after a car is being washed and it’s simply a convenient polishing compound with high glossiness, hydrophobic effect, anti-smudge and anti-dust.
2)      The effect can be lasted for 3-4 weeks which is very cost-effective.
The Nano instant shining spray doesn’t contain any solvent, such as wax or resin and the coherence is strong.  Each bottle of 250ml can be used for 6~8 automobiles and for medium vehicles, it takes around 25 times of spray.  It’s extremely economical and the effect can be lasted for 3-4 weeks which is even more cost-effective than the wax with polymer.
3)      Applicable for all colors of automobile
The Nano instant shining spray wipes is applicable for all colors of painting and it won’t damage the coating, metal, glass, plastic and carbon fibers of the car.
4)      It’s against the acid rain, UV and the erosion by the guano and sap.
The car after being coated will be oxidized naturally after a while and the UV as well as the acid rain will also cause the damage on the car body.  The molecule of the Nano instant shining spray is very small with the high cohesion.  It can protect the paints of the car from being ruined and the exposure to the air as well as the cohesion of the guano and the erosive smudge.  Once the pollutants (such as, guano and sap) attach, it’s easy to get clean for having a layer of protection.
5)      Increase of the glossiness for the coating.

The Nano instant shining spray contains unique glossiness and won’t attach smudge easily.  To use it for a long-term can maintain the glory of your car and raise the value.
Comparison of between the Nano instant shining spray and normal car wax


MC995 Nano instant shining spray

Car Wax


Process time

5~10 minutes

2~3 hours




Hydrophobic effect






Hardness of the surface



Applicable portion

Whole (including glass)


Main components

Nano hybrids






Protect Everything: Apply to areas you never could before! Not only body panels but protects glass, undercarriage, wheel wells, door jambs and more
·  Versatility: Use on any surface
·  Ease of Use: Spray on and rinse off
·  Dirt and Water repellency: Dirt and water are repelled from the surface
·  Instant Vehicle Release: No cure time needed
Time Saver: Maintains paint quickly with enormous time savings compared to any other paint protection product
Less wiping: With no more wiping and buffing waxes or sealants on and off the paint there is less chance of scratches.
·  UV Protection: Offers significant protection from UVA and UVB rays and sun damage
·  Chemical and fallout Protection: Resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents
. Beauty : Instantly revives the high gloss , deep luster , and smoothness of your paint 

·  110 Hydrophobic effect   .
·  UV & Thermal resistance
·  High Gloss
.  Durability 1-2 months

·  Capacity : 250ML


  Do not apply NANO INSTAND SHINING SPRAY in the sun or to a hot surface! Applying in this manner will cause streaks that do not wipe off easily.
In shaded location or shop wash your vehicle and remove any dirt from the surfaces. Surface must be well cleaned from soap residue and left wet with water.
Spray fine mist of diluted NANO INSTANT SHINING SPRAY on no more than 1/4 of vehicle before rinsing.  Very little is needed and no overlap is needed.
3. From time you start spraying a section to rinsing off should be NO more than one minute.  
Immediately rinse well with strong water pressure to produce physical shock and create a well formed coating. 
5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the next section of the vehicle, rinsing well before moving to next section.
6. Finish by "flood rinsing" the vehicle without a spray nozzle to push all the water off from top down.
7. Dry any remaining water from the vehicle.


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